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Lisbon Green Gas Summit

Making a better world

From Sustainability to Restorative Action

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We are counting on you!

We are counting on you to continue the journey we set ourselves at the Lisbon Green Gas Summit, a meeting in which we were pleased to have your participation, and which brought together two hundred entrepreneurs, scientists, decision-makers and members of civil society to debate and analyze the challenges and opportunities that the gas sector, particularly renewable gases, represents for the decarbonization of the economy.

This is the moment. The moment to move from sustainability to restorative action. To the action that produces positive impact and that protects and maximizes resources, promoting their true circularity.

This is the path we advocate. This is the time for us, all, to make it happen.

On behalf of Dourogás, IGU – International Gas Union and Sonorgás, we thank you for your participation in the Lisbon Green Gas Summit and invite you to whatch the conference again, this time in digital format.


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